EPI Communicator™

Thermal Gas Flow Meter Software


EPICommunicator™ (EPICom™) is proprietary software for use with any Master-Touch™ flow meter which has operating firmware V7.0ArA consists of four modules — EPITerm™, EPIMeter™, E-Logger™ and Modbus RTU — V7.0ArB adds Epi-Val™; which work together to put complete control of the Master-Touch™ flow meter in the hands of the user. EPICom uses the RS232, RS485 or USB communication protocol to connect a Master-Touch™ flow meter to a PC running Windows® software. The software and manual can be downloaded directly from this page by clicking on the following links:

EPICom v2.16 software for Master-Touch™ flow meters produced Feb 2010 and later.

Please note that older versions of the Master-Touch™ software do NOT support all EPICom™ v2.0x functions. For all Master-Touch™ flow meters produced prior to Feb 2010, please contact the factory for the appropriate version of the software.

EPICom V2.3x software for Master-Touch™ flow meters produced September 2017 and later. ValuMass meters October 2017 and later. NOTE: To determine if your meter should use this version of EPICommunicator please verify meter firmware is V7.0AREV.B. For earlier v2.16 version, if it is V7.0AREV.A, then v2.16 version should be used. If you are unsure, please contact the factory.

EPICom Manual


Epi-Val™ is a free option for our customers to do a field validation test on our flow meters against preset factory settings and settings that the user established in the field during installation. Please see our user manual for full details of this feature. User Manual


EPITerm™ is a Windows®-compatible terminal emulation program which uses the RS232 or USB communications protocols to present the Master-Touch system for real-time monitoring and control. The system features seven operational modes and their corresponding menus:

  • The 500 *Run* Menu displays the real-time flow rate and total flow as well as information about the relay alarms status, time-stamping of high and low flows, etc. This is the basic operating mode for flow measurement.
  • The 100 *Meter* Menu provides easy access to change the engineering units for the flow rate and total, to adjust the Full Scale setting for scaling the output signals, and to reset the total and timestamps.
  • The 200 *Utility* Menu supports such functions as changing the signal filtering (to smooth out pulsation or unwanted flow noise), monitoring the digital and analog voltage signals, and selecting the meter calibration range.
  • The 400 *Alarm* Menu is utilized to set the two flow alarm relays to respond to a wide variety of process conditions and situations.
  • The 450 *E-Log* Menu supports real-time data logging.
  • The 750 *PW-Curve Fit* Menu is used to apply specific adjustments to the factory calibration in increments of 5% of the Full Scale.
  • The 800 *P-Curve* Menu is reserved for factory calibration configuration and variables, although some menu items, such as the C-Factor, SetXSect, and Auto Zero, may be used for field adjustments.


EPIMeter™ allows access to all of a flow meter’s settings through one PC screen. The functions and parameters of these settings are fully described in the EPITerm™ section of the manual. EPIMeter™ is NOT a direct, real-time connection to the flow meter’s operation. It is used to upload/download .mtr files for modifications to a flow meter’s settings, access archived *.mtr files and to print copies of *.mtr settings files.

EPIMeter™ will also generate graphs showing the non-linear curve output of the sensor and the linear 0–5VDC output for each flow meter. These graphs are useful in understanding the affects of changes to the Full Scale, Zero Offset, C Factor, etc.


E-Logger™ includes a fully functional, PC-based data logger that works in conjunction with Master-Touch™ flow meters which have v4.1A and higher software. The user can select from a set of categories for the data collection, the time interval for each data “snapshot” and, if necessary, programmed start and stop times. The data is stored on either the flow meter or a PC. E-Logger™ will also graph the data, and it provides tools for analysis of the data. Data files stored on a PC can be accessed by most common spreadsheet applications.

The EPICom™ . zip file above includes a sample data file (samplefile.log) which can be used to see how the data logging module is used. First extract the software to a folder on your PC. Then when running E-Logger™, simply type “samplefile.log” in E-LOG™ FILENAME window and click the LOAD button. This will populate E-Logger™ with data that can then be viewed and graphed by the module.

Modbus RTU

Master-Touch™ flow meters support RS485 Modbus RTU communications. Our EPI module displays data from as many as eight flow meters, or you can use third-party software for Modbus data acquisition to incorporate the flow meters into a facility-wide system.

EPI offers three flow conditioning options for insertion style flow meters.