About EPI Thermal Mass Flow Meter Manufacturer

Since 1988, Eldridge Products, Inc. (EPI) has been one of the world’s premier thermal mass flow meter manufacturers. For 30 years, EPI™ has specialized in manufacturing accurate, economical and reliable thermal mass flow meters and other flow related products .

  • 1988 – Eldridge Products, Inc. founded by Mark Eldridge and became a thermal mass flow meter manufacturer, introducing the hazardous area class of Series 8000 Inline and Insertion Thermal Mass Flow Meters;     introduces low pressure ball valve retractor assemblies
  • 1989 – Introduced the Series 7000 Thermal Mass Flow Switch and
    Series 6000 Thermal Level Switch.
  • 1990 – Introduces the Series 9000 Multipoint averaging stack probes; Established an in-house flow calibration lab
  • 1991 – Developed Iso-kinetic stack velocity & sampling probe systems; Developed dual sting metal clad sensors; Developed control valve &  controller; Received FM certification for Series 8000, 7000, 6000 Flow Meters
  • 1992 – Established Western European Distributors; Developed high velocity Particulate Shield PS1 Flow Meter; Introduced Ordinary Location (NH) Flow Meter product line; EPI lab installed 1000°F Air Test Stand
  • 1993 – Developed 400 ᵒF (204 ᵒC)  low flow axial sensor Flow Meter;    Introduced the Non-Hazardous location Series 8000NH Flow Meter,       7000NH Flow Switch , 6000NH Level Switch product lines
  • 1994 – Established Asia and Pacific Rim Distributors
  • 1995 – Developed 900°F (482 ᵒC) high temperature stack insertion Flow Meter; RFI/EMI certification of Series 8000, 7000, 6000 Flow Meters
  • 1996 – Introduced the Master-Touch™ Series of fully microprocessor-based flowmeters; receives Hazardous Location CSA certification for the  Series 8000, 7000, 6000; Standard outputs include 0-5VDC, 4-20mA,  RS232, Hi & Low Relays; Moved to 9000 square foot manufacturing facility; Introduced Master-Touch™ Series 8000MP & 9000MP product line; RFI/EMI certification of Master-Touch™
  • 1997 – Received Hazardous Location CENELEC (LCIE) Ex certification for the
    Series 8000, 7000, 6000; EPI flow laboratory installed two gas provers
  • 1998 – Received China Pattern Approval (CPA) for Master-Touch™ Flow Meters; Introduced EPICommunicator™ or EPICom™ communication software for Master-  Touch™ Flow Meters; Introduced Master-Touch™ UHP High Purity Flow Meter
  • 1999 – Introduced high pressure, screw-drive probe retractor assembly;  Introduced Bi-Directional Flow Meter
  • 2000 – Introduced the Non-Hazardous location Master-Touch™ Series 8000MPNH & 9000MPNH Flow Meter product lines
  • 2001 – Invented 1st hybrid analog/digital microcontroller operated Flow Sensor
  • 2002 – Field tests first hybrid analog/digital microcontroller operated Flow Sensor; Introduced self cleaning Sensor Air Purge System on Multi-Point  Stack Probes
  • 2003 – Patented the thermal Flow Averaging Tubes (FAT™); Introduced first all microcontroller operated Flow Sensor design; Introduced self cleaning Sensor Air Purge through Master-Touch™ Insertion Flow Meter Probes
  • 2004 – Patented the Thermal Mass Flow Meter wide temperature correction method; Received CSA/CUS certifications for Master-Touch™ MP (Hazardous Location) & MPNH (Ordinary Location), Series Flow Meters
  • 2005 – Received ATEX (KEMA) certification for Master-Touch™ MP Series Flow Meters; Introduced  RS485 Modbus RTU communication protocol     interface, LightWire™ Infrared Flow Meter communication
  • 2006 – Introduced HART communication protocol interface; E-Logger™ Flow Meter internal data logging into an E-Log™ file, accessible through EPI’s proprietary EPICom™ Flow Meter communication software; Introduced RS485 Modbus RTU communication protocol interface Flow Meters now      include 0-5VDC, 4-20mA, RS232, Hi & Low Relays
  • 2007 – Established the ValuMass™ Series 500 & 400 line of low cost Flow Meters with Digital Sensor Interface (DSI); RFI/EMI certification update of Master-Touch™ & ValuMass™ Flow Meters
  • 2008 – Introduced our Master-Touch™ Flow Meters with Digital Sensor Interface (DSI) sensor drive with wide temperature compensation curve fit
  • 2009 – Introduced Profibus DP communication protocol interface for Master- Touch™ Flow Meters
  • 2011 – Received Hazardous Location IECEx certification for Master-Touch™ MP Series Flow Meters
  • 2012 – Engineered, purchased, & built new high flow closed-loop flow calibration system
  • 2013 – Installed & made operable new high flow closed-loop flow calibration system
  • 2014 – Moved to new 15,000 square foot facility with greatly expanded calibration laboratory
  • 2017 – Introduced the Epi-Val™ with LiveZero™ In-Situ or Field Validation Field-Val™ firmware with EPICom interface for Master-Touch™ & ValuMass™ Flow Meters; BACnet communication protocol interface soon