Digital Air/ Gas Flow Meters

In many industries the need for monitoring gas flow does not involve hazardous gases or potentially dangerous operating conditions. These applications can include many water and wastewater treatment applications, the HVAC industry, the general use of compressed air, and many other applications using air, nitrogen, argon, etc. In these cases, an explosion-proof electronics enclosure is not required, and may be considered a needless expense. To meet this challenge, Eldridge Products, Inc. offers the Master-Touch™ MPNH Series of thermal mass flowmeters in an economical enclosure suited to general area conditions.

In the MPNH Series digital air flow meter, we have combined all of the features of our Master-Touch™ thermal mass flow meter technology with a convenient ABS enclosure. These enclosures have a clear polycarbonate cover for viewing the rate and total display. The cover can be easily removed for all input/output connections and for access to the 4-button keypad which provides direct control and adjustment of the flowmeter.

Just like the Master-Touch™ MP Series, our MPNH Series flow meters are available for both inline and insertion style installations. Most inline flow meters are available with a number of mounting options including MNPT or butt weld ends and ANSI, DN or JIS flanges. Smaller sizes are available with compression fittings or clamp flanges. All inline style flowmeters for line sizes of 3/4” and larger include a pair of inlet flow conditioners. These conditioners help to improve problematic, uneven flow profiles by disrupting the gas flow and allowing it to assume a more uniform profile, without adding any significant pressure drop in most applications. Insertion style flow meters can be installed with compression fittings, ball valve assemblies or flanges welded to the probe support. Tube flow sections, electropolishing and a certified "O2 cleaning" service are just some of the other options available to meet almost any installation requirement. So you can have the accuracy and flexibility of the Master-Touch™ thermal mass flowmeter for virtually all non-hazardous applications.

The Master-Touch™ MPNH Series digital air flow meter is approved by CSA/CUS for use in general purpose (Ordinary) area locations.

Specifications of Digital Air Flow Meters

Linear signal output 0–5 VDC & 4–20 mA
Relay Output Two 1-amp @ 30 VDC, user-selectable alarm functions
Signal Interface LCD (flow rate, flow total, gas temperature)
RS232 & RS485 Modbus RTU
Optional HART or Profibus DP
Accuracy including linearity (Ref.: 21°C): ± (1% of Reading + 0.5% of Full Scale + GTC)
Repeatability ± 0.2% of Full Scale
Sensor response time 1 second to 63% of final value
Turn down ratio 100:1 @ 15 SFPM (.076 NMS) Minimum Reading
Electronics PCB temperature range -40° to 158°F (-40° to +70°C)
Environmental temperature range -40° to 140°F (-40° to +60°C)
Gas temperature range -40° to 392°F (-40° to 200°C)
Consult factory for extended range.
Gas temperature coefficient (GTC) 0.02% Full Scale/°C
Gas pressure effect Negligible over ±20% of absolute calibration pressure
Pressure rating maximum:  
Inline flowmeters 500 PSI Std., >500 special
Insertion flowmeters (Click to view recommended pressure ratings)  
Transmitter power requirements 5 Watts or less
Input power requirement 24VDC @ 250mA
  115 VAC 50/60 Hz optional
  230 VAC 50/60 Hz optional
RAM Back-up Lithium Battery, 2.5–3.5v, >10 years
Wetted materials: 316SS, including sensor
Standard temperature & pressure (STP) 70° F & 29.92" Hg
(Air .075 lb/cubic foot)  
NIST traceable calibration Standard

Specifications subject to change without notice.

MPNH Series — For use in Ordinary (Non-Hazardous) area locations:
Type 4X, IP66

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