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Your Eldridge Products' thermal flow meter was manufactured, assembled, calibrated and tested in accordance with our approved quality control program to assure its conformance to our engineering specifications and to your particular requirements. Our flow meters are designed for the installation and start up process to be as easy as possible with little, if any, additional effort on your part — install, power up, begin getting readings on your process flow. Each order is shipped with a CD that includes the current Instruction Manuals in .pdf format, as well as other documents that you may find helpful and informative. The manuals include our installation guidelines, wiring instructions and information about the operating system's menus. The CD also includes the latest version of our free EPICommunicator™ software for PCs.

As with any installation of flow measurement equipment, there may occasionally be issues that require greater attention during the start up process. The FAQ chart below addresses some of these potential issues and we encourage you to review this information before contacting the factory. However, if you require technical support for your Eldridge Products flow meter, we are available from 8:00AM to 5:00PM at our factory location in Marina, CA.

Please note: You must contact Eldridge Products prior to sending any flow meter to us for any reason.
(see Service Work Disclaimer at right)

If you have this issue: Check this:
Blank display and no output signals Check to be sure that the input power is wired correctly, and that there is a sufficient power source:
Option "DC24" = 24VDC @ 250mA, or
Option "AC115" = 115 VAC 50/60 Hz, or
Option "AC230" = 220 VAC 50/60 Hz
Readings on display but no output signals First, check the output signal(s) at the flow meter with no wires attached to the terminals. Then, check to be sure that you have the output signals wired correctly as shown in the Instruction Manual that shipped with the flow meter, and that:
• 0–5VDC — the wired distance is less than 50 feet;
• 4–20mA — the wire resistance is less than 5 ohms.
Flow in the pipe but no flow readings on display Check to be sure that there is flow in the pipe and that the flow meter is installed correctly per Eldridge Products' guidelines for depth (insertion style).
Readings on display do not match output signals Check to be sure that you have the output signals wired correctly (see above), and that the scaling at the PLC matches the value in Menu 140 of the flow meter's internal settings.
Readings do not match expected flow rate Check to be sure that the flow meter is installed correctly per Eldridge Products' Installation Guidelines for depth (insertion style only) and straight run requirements, and that the flow meter is installed for the correct flow direction.
Flow readings on display or output signals with no flow in pipe There is always voltage to the flow sensor's RTDs when there is power to the flow meter, therefore it is possible for the flow meter to generate a very small flow signal at nominal "no flow" conditions. First, check to be sure that all valves leading to the point of measurement are closed. Then, if necessary, you can use the Flow Cutoff function in flow meter's settings to force the flow signal to 0 (zero) by disregarding a percentage of the Full Scale value (see Set Flow Cutoff instructions at right or in the Manual).

Factory Technical Support:
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Instruction Manuals
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available by email from our
Customer Support Manager.
Please include the
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