Mounting Options For Inline & Insertion Flow Meters

Inline style flow meters are plumbed directly into the process piping. A variety of installation/mounting options are available for sizes from 1/4" pipe through 4" pipe (consult factory for larger pipe sizes). The default assembly includes 316SS Schedule 40 pipe. Alternate pipe schedules, Hastelloy C-276 wetted parts or various tube sizes are available as special order items. The standard end configuration is MNPT (male national pipe thread) ends for flow sections up to 2 1/2"; flow sections of 3" and larger are assembled with the appropriate size of ANSI 150# Class flanges. If required, optional end mounting styles may be specified such as tube ends, tube end fittings, butt weld ends, flanged end configurations, Tri-Clamps™, etc.

In addition, international requirements for DN or JIS pipe, tubes and flanges can generally be accommodated or, alternatively, we can use materials provided by end-users to assure compatability during installation.

Mounting Options for Insertion Style Flow Meters

The probe and flow sensor assembly of insertion style flow meters must be inserted through the pipe wall and held securely in the proper position per the recommendations in the Instruction Manual on the CD that ships with each order. To accomplish this, we have a number of hardware options. The most common choices include compression fittings with SS or Teflon™ ferrules, ball valve assemblies, flanges welded to probes, or pipe nipples. Our default probe for both Master-Touch™ and ValuMass™ flow meters is a 1/2" OD 316SS assembly, though 3/4" and 1" ODs are available for the Master-Touch™. If required, Hastelloy C-276 assemblies are also available.

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